General advice for writing your abstract

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for the Advanced Practice Virtual Conference. Please read the guidance below before submitting your abstract.

Subject matter
All abstracts submissions, whatever aspect of healthcare is covered, must relate to advanced practice

Use simple sentences
Unless they are basic, universally accepted abbreviations, acronyms and abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they are used in the abstract.

Get your colleagues to proofread it
Before submitting, ask one or more colleagues to read the abstract and offer constructive criticism.

Guidelines for the online submission

  1. Deadline: All abstracts must be submitted by 12.00pm Wednesday 23 September 2020.
  2. Abstracts must contain original data. By submitting an abstract, you confirm that the content of the abstract is free from plagiarism.
  3. The maximum length of an abstract is 250 words, not including the title or list of authors.
  4. Abstracts will be considered for suitability for a poster that will be on display during the conference. There will be the chance of winning one of two awards for your poster.
  5. If your abstract is accepted, you will be notified by email.  Abstracts will be considered and responded to as they are submitted, with all responses emailed by Friday 2 October at the latest.
  6. When your abstract has been accepted you will then be asked to upload a copy of your poster.  You will be sent instructions for poster design and how to upload a copy of your poster.  The deadline for upload will be Wednesday 28 October 2020.
  7. Your abstract and poster will be available to view online by all those attending the conference and will also be available to view by all via our conference website.
  8. By submitting your work, you are granting Health Education England permission in perpetuity to retain, reproduce, publish in various formats, and promote all poster materials as submitted (including where relevant identifiable information such as contact details) for non-commercial uses as it sees fit.