Welcome to our online workshop to consider the impact of Covid-19 and the implications for the future of #advancedpractice

Covid-19 has touched almost every aspect of our lives in the last few months and has put additional pressure on the NHS and its workforce.  

At Health Education England, we recognise that having the most up-to-date information and insight will help us ensure we are providing the best possible support the NHS workforce. 

Over the previous two years we have established a series of workstreams relating to advanced practice within non-medical healthcare professional groups. We are launching this online workshop to enable us to receive rapid feedback about: 

  • The range of deployment or redeployment of advanced practitioners across the health system during Covid-19 
  • The experience of advanced practitioners during Covid-19 including: 
    • The extent to which the knowledge, skills and competence of advanced practitioners have been deployed effectively  
    • The extent to which barriers to continue to exist or have been removed (and reasons why)
    • The impact on particular professional groups (e.g. physios, nurses, OTs etc) 
  • The insights and expectations of advanced practitioners and aspiring advanced pracitioners about the impact of Covid-19 on the future of the workforce. 

Through your feedback we will be able to update our immediate plans to support advanced practice and work with the NHS employers, professional and representative bodies, regulators and healthcare professionals to ensure: 

  • We are able to promote effectively the ongoing contribution of advanced practice to manage Covid-19 and the needs of people presenting with non covid-19 health and care needs , and 
  • Ensure national strategies to support the development, education, utilisation and deployment of advance practice are updated to reflect the recent experiences during the pandemic and insights about future impact. 

We used a similar engagement exercise to help us develop our strategy and plans to educate, train and recruit advanced practitioners into the NHS workforce. The insights from the previous conversation have played a key part in the establishment of the Centre for Advancing Practice and considerable work has been undertaken but previously paused due to Covid-19.


We are now beginning to restart the work focussing on programme accreditation for those university programmes that feel ready to start, HEE recognition of Individual advanced practitioners will begin this Autumn and more details of both these initiatives will be made available soon.


We need your help again to generate insight into the experiences of advanced practitioners during Covid-19 and your input to help us prepare for the future. 

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